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Digital Insight

A blog about the stuff we do - digital strategy, web design, usability & information architecture, search engines, and doing better business online.

Mobile Website or Smartphone App? Quick Wins Can be Part of a Mobile Services Strategy

Quick wins are possible, but before launching headlong into the process of creating mobile phone applications and/or mobile websites, it’s important to pause a moment to consider the development of a medium to long term vision of how you will communicate with your customers in the mobile space.
Wednesday 18 January 2012

Common Website Development Pitfalls: The Most Underestimated Website Design Tasks (Part 2)

Some parts of the website development job are always underestimated. We looked at creating great content, defining solid business processes, and staff availability in part one of this article. In part two we'll have a look at some of the other common pitfalls and how to try avoiding them.
Monday 12 December 2011

Common Website Development Pitfalls: The Most Underestimated Website Design Tasks

There are certain parts of the website development job that are always underestimated. Always. Even when the project plan and budget details have been written and analysed in the minutest detail. What are they and how should we deal with them?
Tuesday 8 November 2011

Should I Build a Mobile Website?

Accessing websites on mobile devices like phones and iPads offers quite a different user experience to traditional web access devices like PCs. Is there a good reason to design and build a mobile website separately to your main website?
Friday 18 March 2011


We make discoveries, develop technologies, and create cool stuff that others can use. So we share it all with others in this technical blog.

How to Enable Transparent PNG Support in IE6

Internet Explorer 6 still has over 7% of the browser market share, but it's tough to implement some great website designs without support for transparent PNG images. There are a few different ways to enable full PNG support in IE6. Let me tell you them, and which one's my favourite.
Monday 5 July 2010

Display inline-block: Another Way to Position

Thursday 15 April 2010

Google Doesn’t Index My 2.0 Pages - How to Fix

Google and Yahoo strangely stopped indexing most (but not all) pages on one of our clients' sites. The "network unreachable" message from Google was unhelpful, but after much research we found the problem to be with how ASP.Net 2.0 measures browser capabilities. Read on for the solution.
Monday 12 April 2010

Acora CMS

A blog about cm3 Acora CMS - a sleek and powerful content management system and website development framework made by DDSN.

Top 10 New Features in Acora CMS Admin Version 5.5.7/12

It's fast! That's number one on the list. Here's a look at what's in the January 2010 Acora CMS release and some hints about what else is coming in July.
Monday 15 March 2010

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