Alina Wheeler

Friday 25 September, 2020

"Design is intelligence made visible"


This quote by Alina Wheeler, a well-known branding consultant and author reinforces that every design has a story or meaning behind it.

Therefore, At DDSN the first step towards a new design is to understanding;  the brand stories, history and what the brand truly stands for. This helps us effectively execute ideas and create designs that embrace the brand's true identity.

For one of our clients, FGS Glass, we needed to create realistic illustrations of a 3D glazing product, FGS 3DS. We worked with the paint suppliers to get real paint samples to get the most realistic outcome from the glass selector.

This helped us achieve the level of perfection that we strived for by adopting an intelligent approach - thereby reinforcing what Alina Wheeler quoted.

Our in-house designers take 'visualisation' very seriously. So, from colour palettes to illustrations, the whole design is created in a cohesive manner and truly represents the client's brand.

Today's Quote

Quote - "Design is intelligence made visible"

Who is Alina Wheeler?

Alina Wheeler is a branding consultant and a author. 

She is known for her popular book 'Designing Band Identity' which was a pioneer in the field of strategic branding. 

Alina speaks frequently to management and creative teams in companies, as well as to business and design students at universities. She introduces branding fundamentals, identifies brand trends, and connects their relationship to innovation and business.

At DDSN we bring brands to life, representing their true meaning and identity.