Brian Reed

Friday 23 July, 2021

"Everything is designed. Few things are designed well."


This week's quote is by a renowned principle product designer & developer, and musician - Brian Reed

Brian is a senior product designer and developer with a "penchant for minimalism and absurdity" as he likes to describe it. He works full-time at Postscript and loves jamming with his band in Minneapolis. 

He is currently helping Postscript build a world-class design system and a solid product design team by laying roots and ensuring that design and engineering speak the same language. We are in absolute awe of Brian's philosophy about working best where design meets development.

Our CEO Rob Wells started DDSN Interactive in 1997 because of his interest and passion for web design. Since then, he has grown the company with a product-first, best-sized approach with a special focus on responsive, and accessible website and app designs.

If you look around yourself, you will realise that everything is designed. Not just the digital platforms, but everything in front of your eyes like furniture, gadgets, and even the building where you live. 

In our field of work, every day is spent obsessing over web design, graphics, grids, lines, figures, and the details, all the time. It's easier to lose sight of the bigger picture while doing that. That is why it's important to sometimes stop, and take a step back - visualise where we needed to go originally and work our way to that destination step-by-step.

The smallest of details have a huge impact on the overall quality of work, its effect on the target audience, and its resonance to the brand values. If everything is designed, then the design is of the utmost importance. If that's done well, it can change the whole brand image for good. 

Today's Quote

 Graphic depicting Brian Reed and his quote "Everything is designed. Few things are designed well."

Who is Brian Reed?

Brian Reed is an eminent Product Designer and Developer and a big music enthusiast who plays with his band in Minneapolis.

He recently started working as a Principal Product Designer at Postscript. Before that, he was working as a  Senior UX/UI Designer/Developer at Drip.

Overall, he has more than 12 years of experience in design and development and he is deeply passionate about building easily testable, responsive, interactive web apps and scalable design systems.

DDSN Interactive is a leading web design and development company operating in Australia since 1997. We specialise in responsive web and app designs with a special focus on accessibility. 

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