Jeff Atwood

Friday 28 August, 2020

We have to stop optimising for programmers and start optimising for users.

This week's quote is dedicated to the famous American software developer and blogger - Jeff Atwood

Quoted by a developer himself, it shows that this budding industry (the software industry) is now maturing by understanding its real benefits to society -- optimising for users. All projects have constraints but user needs should be prioritised over convenience for programmers.

The starting point is giving users the complete freedom to use the software or interface with their preferences and according to their needs. In most cases, users know what they want but are not able to convey it in words or even end up conveying the opposite.

So, at DDSN we give the users a chance to show their needs through prototype testing. Further, we anticipate user needs by observing their behaviour in the long term through analysis of analytics and then testing iterations to validate the theory. We believe this is the best approach to meet user needs in a holistic way. 

Today's Quote

Quote - "We have to stop optimising for programmers and start optimising for users."

Who is Jeff Atwood?

Jeff Atwood is an American software developer, author, blogger, and an entrepreneur. He is known for the computer programming blog Coding Horror

Most recently, he developed 'Discourse', an open source Internet discussion platform. As they say "invention is the mother of necessity", Jeff and his team actually created this platform because of their frustration with previous bulletin board software that hadn't evolved since 1990.

At DDSN, we not only evolve but invent new digital technologies to satisfy user needs, so that users of our products get to focus on their things as we do on ours!