Joyce Harkness

Friday 17 September, 2021

"I use the power of stories to engage with others. In a planning session, I make sure there are gaps to share stories about who you really are. You gain a deeper understanding of how a person thinks, who they really are."

This week's quote is by the Executive Director of the Harkness Leadership Edge - Joyce Harkness

Joyce has a broad range of experience in senior leadership roles in business and IT transformation, custom operations, and IT management. This was mostly in companies that experienced extraordinary changes, within complex and rapid development environments.

She says that she likes solving complex problems and helping others. She evidently thrived in these roles, delivering favourable business outcomes. 

She leads teams to achieve beyond the ordinary, remaining focussed on vision and purpose amidst all difficulties.

What inspires us the most about Joyce is that she leads with the "big picture" in mind and balances pragmatism and 'thought leadership' throughout the transformation journey.

She talks about leveraging the power of stories to engage with others. This helps fill the gaps to share stories about who you really are.

We at DDSN believe that this is not just relevant to people and mentorship. It is also pertinent to all kinds of business. It means that by using stories to explain their purpose, vision, and the kind of value they provide, businesses can very well resonate with their target audience.

According to McKinsey data, more than 75 percent of buyers and sellers say they now prefer digital self-serve and remote human engagement over face-to-face interactions. This kind of preference has intensified even after several lockdowns.

So, with that in mind how are you supposed to find customers, when they don't want to go back to the traditional sense of doing a business?

Using videos to tell your stories is a really good option. Since, the pandemic, video and live chat have emerged as the predominant channels for interacting and closing sales with customers. But also more and more companies are spending on creating videos that tell their story and distributing it through different mediums like paid ads and social media channels.

Using these methods is helping businesses connect with their audience and tell their story in a way that they want to hear it.

Self-serve and remote interactions have made it easier for buyers to get information, place orders, and arrange service. Customers have enjoyed that speed and convenience.

It's definitely worth it to invest time and resources in creating a well-thought-out video marketing strategy that will engage your audience and win their confidence and ultimately boost sales. 

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Graphic depicting Joyce Harkness and her quote "I use the power of stories to engage with others. In a planning session, I make sure there are gaps to share stories about who you really are."

Who is Joyce Harkness?

Joyce Harkness is currently the Executive Director at the Harkness Leadership Edge.

She previously worked as the Group Executive, Chief Information Officer at Avant Mutual, General Manager at nbn™ Australia, the Global Director at Nortel Networks, and the Engineering & Operations Management at Fairchild Semiconductors.

She specialises in a variety of business functions, including Customer and Business Focused Strategy, Business & IT Transformation, Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture, and more. 

She was also one of the finalists in Telstra Business Women's Awards, 2004 (Australia).

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