Sarah Moran

Friday 1 October, 2021
by Gaurika Madan

"So between hackers, hustlers and hipsters, you need the three of those skills in a team to bring new technology to life."

This week's quote is by the Melbourne girls' coding queen, CEO, and co-founder of Girl Geek Academy - Sarah Moran

Girl Geek Academy was founded in Melbourne in June 2014 and is now a global movement that inspires women to learn technical skills, create startups, and build more of the internet.

Sarah's goal is to help inspire one million women into technology by 2025.

She won the Australian Women's Weekly Woman of the Future award in the Entrepreneur and Business category, the QUT Young Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alumni Award, and was a finalist for Cosmopolitan Woman of the Year in 2018.

Sarah is a regular participant in Channel 9's Today Show, an active community contributor with the Leonardo group and Science Gallery Melbourne. She also sits on the Victorian Minister’s Advisory Council for Gender Equality, the Future of Work Summit advisory board, the RMIT Games Industry Advisory Committee, the Melbourne International Games Week Steering Committee, and the VicHealth Youth Taskforce. 

Mainly, Sarah aims to eliminate the stereotypes around those who are interested in or employed in tech. She believes that not only do these stereotypes discourage people from following their passions, but also potentially contribute to gender inequality in the workplace, considering how women are kept out of tech roles. 

We at DDSN are specifically inspired by Sarah's description of hackers, hustlers, and hipsters in the tech field. She explains, "Hackers like to break and build things. Hipsters are people like graphic designers, who think about how we interact with tech, what it looks like and the emotional response it can provoke. And the Hustlers (a group Sarah says includes herself) are those who actually get people using a certain technology"

So, to bring any new technology to life, it is imperative to have these three types of people in the team.

With the ever-changing world of tech, we have an opportunity to contribute to that change. Equipping our teams with diverse tech skills and capabilities, and leveraging the variety of skills to intersect in a way that produces the desired result is the best way to lead this digital era and bring about a positive change.

Today's Quote

Graphic depicting Sarah Moran and her quote - "So between hackers, hustlers and hipsters, you need the three of those skills in a team to bring new technology to life."

Who is Sarah Moran?

Sarah Moran is CEO and co-founder of Girl Geek Academy, a movement to help inspire one million women into technology by 2025.

Sarah established Girl Geek Academy in 2014 alongside her four fellow co-founders Lisy Kane, Tammy Butow, Amanda Watts, and April Staines, as a place to learn, connect and inspire change.

Sarah actually started coding when she was 5 years old and grew up seeing fewer and fewer women in the tech field. After she realised that other women were seeing the same thing, she decided to do something about it.

Helping inspire a generational shift in the way political leaders, schools, young girls, and professional women think about and practice STEM, Girl Geek Academy runs programs for girls from the age of five right through to 95+.

Although the Girl Geek Academy has achieved quite a lot since they founded the company, Sarah is most proud of the ‘Girl Geeks’ book series that they released with Penguin’s Puffin Line. They are a fun series about a 10-year-old girl gang, hacking and hustling their way through middle school and the world of technology. 

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