DDSN Analytics Documentation

DDSN.Net Analytics is powered by Matomo. While DDSN has substantially customised the experience and interactions with your site from what is out of the box with Matomo the user documentation is a great resource.

Keep in mind that if you, like us, like Matomo more than Google Analytics then you can always add your other web facing systems - your intranets, other marketing website can all be handled with Matomo. Ask us for a custom quotation.

DDSN Analytics and Acora CMS


Links to Matomo User Guide

  1. A Tour of Matomo
  2. Matomo Dashboards
  3. Track Goals and Measure Conversions
  4. Ecommerce Analytics
  5. Row Evolution – View and compare historical data
  6. Segmentation – Compare segments of visitors
  7. Event Tracking
  8. Content Tracking
  9. Site Search Tracking and Reporting
  10. Visitors Maps – World, region, city
  11. Real Time Visitor World Map
  12. Visits log and Real Time Analytics
  13. The Visitor Profile
  14. Site speed and Page speed
  15. Transitions – Analyze the previous and following actions of your visitors for each page
  16. Page Overlay – Visitors Click Map
  17. Custom Variables Analytics
  18. Custom Dimensions
  19. Tracking Unique Visitors with a User ID
  20. Annotating your data
  21. Tracking Marketing Campaigns
  22. URL Builder – Marketing Campaign Tracking

Custom Events, Actions and Goals

DDSN has extended Matomo to ensure that specific features of your site are captured such as login events and pdf downloads. DDSN routinely adds events to business critical forms, calculators and other important user tasks on websites and apps that it deploys. Ask us for assistance to assist the collation of information for your own KPIs or custom reports you need for your stakeholders.

Premium Features

DDSN can run a project with you that establishes or uses a premium analytics feature on your website or application by request.

These features include;

  1. Funnels
  2. Session Recordings
  3. Media Analytics
  4. Heatmaps
  5. A/B Testing
  6. Custom Reports
  7. Form Analytics
  8. Roll-Up Reporting
  9. Cohorts
  10. Advertising Conversion Export
  11. Paid Advertising Performance
  12. Search Engine Keywords Performance
  13. Users Flow
  14. Multi Channel Conversion Attribution