Note from Rob: Just a little joke... WhoKnowsJackieMihocek.com doesn't exist. I'm poking fun at how fickle social networking sites can be, and exaggerating an example of the kind of thing that might spur a social network on.

Jackie Mihocek does exist. He played about 13 games for the Essendon AFL football club as a ruck rover in the 1970s. (I'm a Bombers AFL fan.) Dave Warner wrote a fun song about a football fan with no chosen team to follow, who sees Jackie play an inspiring game and it turns them into a Bombers fan for life. In the song, Dave wonders why we always see replays of Barassi and Whitten (both football greats) on TV, but "where is Jackie Mihocek".

Jackie Mihocek now writes news for the BombersBlitz website.