Australian Wildlife Cams

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Past Project we remember with Pride

Multi-award winning environmental science project. Watch and interact with live animals in nest boxes at the Melbourne Sanctuary.

The Experience

Offering a unique, immersive, and measurable educational experience, the Australian Wildlife Cams website puts visitors right inside nest boxes at the Melbourne Wildlife Sanctuary.

Infra-red cameras in animals’ nest boxes at the sanctuary feed data in real time to the Animal Cams website, where scientific research is crowd sourced by online participants using the Internet to give us a view of animal behavioural science that has never been available before. 

Enabling Discovery

Did you know that baby sugar gliders play like kittens, or that red ants often bump heads in the crowd?

Researchers at Latrobe University have been fascinated to witness young animal behaviours and night time manoeuvres for the first time.

Students, teachers, scientists, and interested passers-by can participate directly in the study of native Australian animals by recording the behaviour they see in real time. The website collects this data and aggregates it to provide interactive graphs and reports.

Science and Education

Reports generated by the site are enhanced by comparison with pre-recorded research data and videos.

The scientifically notable exercise and the educational experience is supported by specialised content services from The Gould League - FAQ's, historical videos, habitat information, and teaching resources.

The AIMIA awards are the most prestigious in our industry. The highly innovative Wildlife Cams website took out the AIMIA award for "Best Science Website".


DDSN Services

  • Digital strategy
  • User experience including advanced interactive prototypes
  • Visual design
  • Content management - cm3 Acora CMS
  • Hosting systems design

Key Features

  • One of Australia's first genuine scientific crowd sourced research initiatives
  • Collaboration between multi-disciplinary experts in digital technology, science, education, and conservation
  • 24x7 streaming video via innovative infra-red cameras
  • Real time data feeds directly into the website