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From the Archive - we are so proud of this work we cant let it go...

DDSN were responsible for the rich and engaging multimedia websites for Civic Video Australia and New Zealand. It stood out from competitors with competitions and great prizes.

About the Project

Australia and New Zealand's leading DVD, video, and games rental franchise selected DDSN to design, construct, and manage a spectacular interactive web presence.

With a bold, colourful design, the Civic Video websites aim to be the best in their class. It's been common over the years for new features and new designs to suddenly appear on the major competitors' sites a few months after they're launched for Civic Video! 

Both the Australian and New Zealand websites were built using cm3 Acora CMS.

The sites provide a rich database of the best available movies, stretching back many years. Competitions and giveaways keep subscribers coming back, and social media integration keeps them talking about movies. If you're a Civic Video subscriber, the website diligently keeps you up-to-date with the latest movies and reviews, competitions and giveaways.


DDSN Services

  • Digital strategy
  • Visual and interaction design
  • Web and mobile app development
  • Content management - Acora CMS
  • High security enterprise hosting
  • Maintenance, marketing & growth

Key Features

  • Advanced store locator with geographic distance searching by postcode and town name
  • Streaming video encoding & delivery service for web & mobile, hosted by the video streaming service
  • Social media integration - Twitter & Facebook
  • Franchisee managed microsites with independent mini CMS and e-newsletter management systems for 250+ stores throughout Australia & New Zealand
  • Competitions management system

More Features

  • A playful, adventurous design with dynamic elements aiming at a family home entertainment audience
  • Detailed movie database of the most popular movies with searching, browsing, and content highlighting functions
  • Full movie info - trailers, actors and producer, ratings, release dates, synopses, and user reviews
  • Publishing scheduler to manage highlighting of movies, display of home page promos, and competition launches
  • Competitions with fantastic prizes updated every few weeks