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DDSN worked with Hammond Care to simplify the customer journey on the Dementia Support Australia (DSA) Resources Library, enabling their users to better access important resources.

The Challenge

Dementia Support Australia (DSA) is an Australian government-funded national partnership led by Hammond Care.

This service brings together expertise in dementia care from across the aged care industry and provides a three-level nationwide support service based on the needs of the person undergoing dementia. 


As the DSA website generally caters to the older demographic, accessibility is of utmost importance. 

DSA provides a variety of resources on its website to both inform and assist health care professionals and family members who are supporting a person living with dementia.

DDSN worked with DSA to streamline and simplify the resources area, enabling people to access the section in different ways using filters, search and browse options.


The Solution

Resources Library section is a big part of the DSA's communication of vital information with its audience.

The project included major improvements that support users to find information:

  • Clear Categories and Icons
  • Multi-Category and Keyword Filtering
  • Article Counters 
  • Language Labels in Language Characters


There are five categories in total - General, behaviour, COVID, Design, and Engagement.

To support the user journey each category appears as a banner with the title, description, and an accompanying graphic. When the banner is clicked it opens up as a slider that reveals all the factsheets that sit within that category. Each slider consists of the list of PDFs that fit within that category which appear as a tile with title, short description, the image of the PDF front page and a read more link that directs to the PDF landing page. 



The Result

The update resulted in a fresh and unique presentation of the Resources Library section on the DSA website while maintaining the brand values and aesthetic. It has also significantly improved the navigation process for all website users. The team at DSA really appreciated the update and said "it looks beautiful on all devices." 


DDSN works to create unforgettable user experiences while keeping accessibility and responsiveness as a top priority. We are proud to be working with DSA in a long-term partnership and taking care of all their digital needs.

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