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The Banking and Finance Oath is a unique organisation promoting ethical standards in the finance industry and they urgently needed assistance to upgrade their website infrastructure to a new content management system.

The Challenge

The Banking and Finance Oath (BFO) is an independent organisation who aims to raise the moral and ethical standards of the banking and finance industry to improve our society, through implementation of the Oath. The BFO is an industry led initiative that was launched online in 2013.

Previously the BFO website was supported and hosted by AMP Capital (due to the origins of the BFO project). The website was running on a very old version of the Kentico Content Management System. Problems arising with the operation of the BFO domain name prompted an urgent need to find a new continuous hosting and support arrangement.

The Solution

DDSN Interactive partnered with BFO to solve the existing problem with the domain name and provide hosting and continuous support to their existing website in 2018.

The project included migrating current website to a new hosting platform; providing continuous support for management of the BFO domain name by migrating it to a new Domain Name Server hosting platform and providing basic support for the website & CMS behind it.

DDSN maintained essential site services through the hosting migration and initially made minor upgrades including provision of an SSL security certificate for the website and optional setup of analytics.


After 6 months working together and careful consideration of the requirements of the BFO, DDSN also transferred the BFO website to a new CMS platform (cm3 Acora CMS, It is an enterprise class digital experience platform that includes an integrated user management system that can be personalised according to the organisations needs. This makes cm3 Acora CMS perfect for membership organisations, associations and unions because of its deep capability in member workflows.

The Result

DDSN Interactive catered to BFO’s needs in a very personalised manner, providing enterprise hosting and support to this small organisation driving a socially responsible agenda.

DDSN has provided the BFO with a highly functional membership website for the signatory workflow.  The upgraded website maintains a responsive design template that automatically changes to suit all modern devices and screen sizes as needed.

Guided training sessions provided by DDSN allowed the BFO staff to quickly familiarise them with the usage of cm3 Acora CMS, they adjusted to the new system very quickly are able to continuously update and edit the content on the website.

Arguably the most important outcome is the improved member engagement and signatory management behind the scenes allowing the small team to maintain up to date signatory information and improved communications.

DDSN provides constant support and guidance to BFO in all their digital needs.Take a look and consider taking the Oath today.