Trinity College MediaWiki Hosting

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Trinity College, one of the oldest residential college of the University of Melbourne needed professional hosting, maintenance and support for their MediaWiki system to support their IT teams internal communication.

The Challenge

Trinity College has a very welcoming and inclusive residential college, a theological school offering courses accredited by the University of Melbourne and also a pathways school for international students who wish to access and study in the University of Melbourne. Trinity College’s website is designed keeping in mind their above-mentioned three divisions and the content required for each of them.

At the backend of this amazing website, Trinity College’s IT department internally runs an installation of MediaWiki which helps them collect and organize knowledge and make this knowledge available to their team. But there was no development and testing environment for the MediaWiki installation, no backup regime, and no professional support available from a digital agency. These were really important as the value of knowledge stored in the MediaWiki tool was pretty significant.

DDSN Interactive partnered with Trinity College to host their MediaWiki tool on in a secure and enterprise hosting environment, provide development and test installations of the tool, and offer on-going customisation support as needed.

The Solution

DDSN Interactive co-managed the migration of the existing MediaWiki installation to the hosting environment which included the software installation, setting up the server and configuring the hosting environment. In addition to that, DDSN supported on-going hosting of MediaWiki in production and test environments to achieve efficiency.  

To transfer the existing MediaWiki installation to a new hosting environment, DDSN first set up a vanilla MediaWiki installation in a test environment, followed by a test migration of the existing Trinity’s content to the test environment. After that, DDSN initiated a production environment including security regime and monitoring rules. That led DDSN to perform a final migration of Trinity’s MediaWiki content to the production environment. Finally, DDSN initiated the on-going hosting after completion of the above-mentioned steps.

The Result

DDSN Interactive continues to provide expert consultation about extensions to the system, in a way that can be professionally supported over time.

Trinity benefitted from outsourcing the hosting to DDSN, that they previously did internally and DDSN takes full responsibility for security, uptime, monitoring and backups, so that Trinity can focus on other important things.

The MediaWiki advanced visual editor was one of the extensions that DDSN installed and supported for Trinity’s website. Although, it is not easy to install and monitor, but DDSN’s specialist hosting capabilities allows for successful installation and management of advanced extensions.

DDSN continues to work in partnership with Trinity on many projects as their proud digital partner.