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Improving user experience and website optimisation.

DDSN redesigned the website and transferred it to our enterprise grade Acora CMS. The site was originally built on WordPress. Additionally, we're working on continuously improving and supporting them with their digital transformation through long-term partnership.

The Challenge

IDM Instruments is an award-winning manufacturer and supplier of quality certified testing and measuring instrument & services to major global companies, universities, research organizations, and government bodies.


The IDMI website is a critical business asset and the face of their international business. All their potential and current customers place orders for testing instruments through the website.

Their website was previously built on WordPress and had a lot of issues. One of the major problems was that the website was very slow. Their bounce rate was continuously increasing because of poor experience.

According to Google Page Insights their page speed was 14, which falls in a really poor category. The site needed to be optimised to be able to provide the best user experience. 

The Solution

After carefully assessing IDMI's website and evaluating the issues, we discovered that many of the third party plugins in their WordPress website were slowing it down. The speed of the shopping cart plugin was a major pain point in the customer journey. IDMI's Managing Director said "I have been hearing this from a lot of people using WordPress that the plugins are deteriorating the quality of the website. We want to change our CMS."


To alleviate the ongoing issues, DDSN moved the IDMI website onto our enterprise grade Acora CMS. We also re-designed the website to make it more attractive and modern while aligning the design to their brand image. 
Acora is an Australian made flexible and powerful CMS. It has all the features required to create a strong online presence, custom user experiences and deep customisation capabilities.

 IDM Instruments website re-designed



Following are the special features that DDSN implemented on the IDMI website:

  • A common contact form for the quote cart and the contact us page to ensure less drop outs in the carts.
  • Product Information Management (PIM) - is used to change prices, names, quantity of products and display. This is also a useful feature if you want to showcase different prices to different customers
  • Translator - As IDMI is an international business with suppliers in more than 36 countries across the globe, we integrated it with Google Translate to cater to all types of audiences.


The Result

After migrating and updating it to the latest version, the page speed improved significantly. The Google Page Insights depicted a substantial increase from 14 to 97. The major reason for establishing this new technology was to support a strong digital presence and create a memorable user experience.

Due to the significant increase in the page speed of IDM Instruments website, their web traffic and enquiry rate escalated as well. Acora helped IDM establish a seamless experience for their website visitors and clear CTA's for enquiring or placing orders. These improvements have significantly improved the IDMI website’s analytics in terms of user experience, website visit rates and increased engagement. DDSN Interactive is proud to be IDMI's digital partner and continuously supporting it in all its needs.

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