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A long term partnership in technology and design. Over a decade of campaign microsite designs, interactive technologies, multimedia and content development, and 40 Hour Famine websites.

Developing the Online Presence

DDSN helped the World Vision website move from a solely information based portal to a major source of revenue for the organisation. Working in tandem with the WVA e-business and marketing teams over the years to develop website designs, integrated e-business applications, and individual campaign websites, we've been delighted to assist strategically in the growth of the World Vision web presence.

Highlighted Projects

  • A series of 40 Hour Famine websites built by DDSN have served interactive content and community tools such as forums and polls to a youth audience that grows and becomes more demanding each year.
  • DDSN constructed World Vision Australia's first online child sponsorship (e-commerce) system, based on an early version of cm3 Acora CMS.
  • We created unique designs and interactive content structures for many of the campaign microsites and appeals websites that have been launched over the years.
  • Many of the 10,000 children appeal websites over the years have been designed and built by DDSN.