Dedicated Virtual Servers

A dedicated virtual server provides your websites and mobile applications with a dedicated operating system, RAM, disk space, and CPU cycles. No competing with other companies websites for available resources. But the virtualisation technology allows your server to "burst" beyond its default resources instantly when needed, and offers rapid scaleability when you need to grow.'s dedicated virtual hosting plans are fully managed. Each service includes a Tier 1 dedicated server hosted in's high availability network as well as advanced support.

You won't find such an integrated service offering at a mainstream hosting provider. 


$1,045 per month

  • Dedicated Tier 1 virtual server
  • Fully managed service
  • Unlimited applications (limited by server resource)
  • 35 Gb Tier 1 SAN allocation for operating system
  • 75 Gb Tier 1 SAN allocation for databases & application files
  • 50 Gb Tier 2 SAN allocation for data & log files
  • 1 Tb data transfer per month
  • 8 Gb dedicated RAM, expansion available
  • 4 virtual CPUs, expansion available
  • Windows 2019 Server with IIS 10+
  • 4.7+
  • SQL Web Edition
  • Custom technologies supported
  • SMTP server installed, mailouts fully supported
  • Optional SSL
  • Optional secure FTP access to CMS file repositories
  • Advanced 24x7 server and website monitoring and response package 
  • Standard 8x5 monitoring and response for any number of additional sites
  • Host as many sites/applications as you like (subject to hosting performance reviews, which are included in the service)
  • Advanced management service, up to 2 hours per month
  • Customised managed backup plan, off site data retention options available
  • Managed firewall with strict security policies, custom rules available, active DDoS attack prevention
  • Advanced customisation available
  • 1 dedicated IP address, additional IPs available for SSL or with other justification
  • Premium data rates and pre-payment option
  • Co-management and multiple digital agency vendor support available by arrangement
  • Please ask about add-on services
  • $1,045 per month
  • More about ddsn.dvEnterprise...