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Wednesday 1 March, 2023

Build front ends for Acora and Kentico websites, implement email templates and other web content, and web-based application interfaces. Mid weight front end specialist applicants expected.

About DDSN

We are a leading full service digital agency. In our twenty seventh year of business, DDSN is one of the firms by which others are measured. 

We have a strongly process driven approach to digital solutions design and development. We deliver beautiful, high tech, cleverly designed digital solutions in interesting ways.

Position Overview

We are looking for someone who is dedicated and meticulous to help us deliver the best front ends to websites, mobile apps and digital resources in the country.

  • A wide range of projects, both technical and creative
  • Join a small, dynamic team of outstanding, passionate, creative individuals

This role involves building, improvement and maintenance of front ends of websites, web content, and web-based applications. It also includes maintaining email template functionality across a wide variety of browser. You will work within a well established, creative, and highly experienced team on a number of concurrent projects.

A large part of your work will involve working with - Acora CMS (https://www.acoracms.com/), and Kentico Xperience or Xperience by Kentico (https://www.kentico.com/). Experience in working with one or both of these CMS as well as customising and building templates and modules for the CMS is required.

Ideally we're looking for an all rounder, a web developer who's just as comfortable writing gorgeously responsive HTML and CSS code, as programming a new CMS module, or implementing a new email template or web facing software platform. 

You will build template layouts and interface screens according to designs and style guides presented by a graphic designer, extending mockup designs into fully operational, responsive, extensible, re-usable, robust CMS friendly templates. (If you have design experience yourself, you may be involved in the design process, but design experience is not a requirement.) The ability to turn graphical mockups into an advanced working websites and apps on your own is required. Experience developing website interfaces using pure CSS is a necessity.

You'll be an expert in how a website works within a web browser. You'll know about content blocking and code minification and pre-processor tools. You'll have or quickly acquire advanced knowledge in things like SASS/LESS, accessibility, SEO, responsive design, and EDM development. You'll use words like "mix-ins" and "sprites" every day and you'll know how to make a HTML5 tag work in an older browser. You'll know how to use jQuery and create plugins for it, and you'll know how/when not to use it too.


You will deploy websites and apps onto IIS production servers using MS SQL Server and Postgres databases, version control systems, and DDSN's own CMS deployment tools. You will deploy mobile apps through the various app stores.

You will support external clients in using content management systems, and assist with the preparation and publishing of both simple and more advanced website content. You will participate directly in DDSN's client support program as well as working on distinct design and development projects.

Over time you will become an active part of DDSN's CMS product development team, assisting with the configuration and construction of new modules and website/application/CMS features, extension of CMS technologies (especially front end), and platform support.

You might also participate in the planning and design of projects, assisting the website producer to create system prototypes, wireframes, interface mockups, and documentation.

You will have the opportunity to work in different areas and to move in different directions over time at DDSN depending on your skills and interests. Opportunities exist in all areas of web development - design, technical, project management, user experience, product development.

We're looking for someone with creative flair and the sort of unstoppable enthusiasm it takes to do the best work every time. Someone with a pedantic eye for detail and a dedicated customer focus. We need a "finisher" - someone who takes pride not just in doing a job well at every level, but takes the next step and delivers more than the customer needs.

We're high tech. You'll learn from us, and hopefully we'll learn from you. We're creative. We're passionate. Our work is diverse. We love what we do, and we're good at it. We get along well with our clients and each other. You'll never be bored, not even for a second!

DDSN works on a PC platform in the design and production environment. You will work primarily on ASP.Net or MVC .Net core projects.


  • Advanced experience with Acora and Kentico digital experience platforms
  • Extensive experience with websites and mobile apps you've built and maintained
  • Extensive experience maintaining email templates
  • Experience with ASP.Net  (using C#) or similar technologies
  • Advanced HTML/CSS authoring skills and responsive design techniques
  • Javascript proficiency (not just jQuery deployment, you'll need to write your own code)
  • Experience deploying websites using CMS products
  • Adobe Photoshop / Image Ready proficiency
  • Knowledge of cross platform standards compliance
  • Understanding of W3C accessibility standards and their application in front end development
  • Understanding of usability in web interfaces
  • Experience with documentation & testing
  • Solid communication and time management skills
  • Initiative (problem solving and research)
  • Motivation to do the best work, every time


As additions to the required skills, any of the following skills will be well regarded:

  • Advanced user interface development and/or design
  • Graphic design skills
  • Search engine optimisation and marketing skills
  • CSS Animation
  • Formal information architecture experience
  • Content development or writing skills

Salary Range

Depending on skills and experience.


Apply here through our jobs portal. Have a cover letter and your CV ready. Tell us about your experience in a cover letter.  We want to learn about you. For this role your attitude and approach to work are more important than specific prior experience.

Recruitment Agencies

DDSN does not consider applications submitted by recruitment agencies or any unsolicited approaches by recruitment agencies.