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Our strength is in our people. Meet some of DDSN's project and thought leaders below. Perhaps you'll be working with some of us in your next project or your next team role.

Rob Wells

CEO, Senior Designer and Lead Software Engineer

Rob’s been with DDSN for over 20 years and his roles have been wide and varied over time, from Creative Director to Lead Systems Designer.

Now, while he is primarily involved in client projects as a strategic consultant, Rob nonetheless enjoys getting his feet wet in as many different aspects of each project as time allows.

Leadership - Visual & interaction design - Software Engineering

Dr Danielle Kennedy

Managing Partner, Innovation and Portfolio Manager

Dani brings over 15 years of experience in big data, AI and technology implementation to her managing partnership position at DDSN.

After designing CSIRO’s largest future science platform and directing 260 scientists in its implementation, Dani focuses on clients digital strategies, project management & innovation within DDSN's service offering.

Leadership - Digital strategy - Project and team leadership - Information architecture & process development - Analytics - SEO

Vanessa Jeffrey

Producer, Business Analysis

Vanessa joined DDSN after leading two successful large scale web projects to production in the field of big data analysis.

Beginning with in-depth research & analysis leading into customer centric designs, Vanessa gets involved in every stage of a project. Using expert project management to ensure on time and on budget delivery is Vanessa’s highest priority.

Business Analysis - Producer - Product design & prototyping - Customer engagement

Sarah Jennings

Business Development Manager

Sarah has only recently joined DDSN but has done so with drive and a tremendous energy. Her experience in Architecture, FMCG and the entertainment industry is cross fertilizing ideas and inspiring new projects left and right. 

Sarah is motivated by exploring opportunities and generating new business by connecting with like-minded and positive individuals. In her spare time, Sarah likes watching ice hockey, Eurovision and chatting with her dog, Vanessa!

Business Development manager 

Dr Greg Ryjikh

Senior Engineer

Greg has worked at DDSN since 2002 and says he still likes it! His primary area of responsibility at DDSN is technology development and participation in projects requiring design and development of complex integration, user interaction or workflow.

Greg likes solving technically challenging problems and enjoys seeing his ideas put to work to make complex things simple for others.

Software & database design - Web servers and systems - Technology development and integration for web and native mobile apps - Information architecture, especially the heavy back end

Rachel Furness

Finance Manager

Rachel is responsible for keeping the whole show on the road. Not only does she take care of the finances and keep the office humming, she manages our SSL certificates and domain registration processes, employee records and HR procedures.

Rachel is an all rounder, manages our office and also contributes to our active client projects from time to time.

Financial services - Xero - Domain and SSL registration

This Could Be You!!!

User Experience Designer, Analytics Champion & Researcher

DDSN has an open position for someone to come into the team at a mid to senior level in this space. You love to draw ideas out of the ether, turn them into designs, watch them be built, analyse their impact and then continuously improve them over time. Work in our fantastic and highly experienced team!

Details of the role

User experience / usability -Analytics and Research 

Matt Glogowski 

Full Stack Developer

Matt joined the team as a developer in 2019.

He is responsible for researching, technical design and implementation of software for our clients at all layers - both in web and mobile app projects. He also develops quality assurance procedures and maintains & upgrades existing systems.

Matt enjoys the collaborative nature of development and overcoming technical obstacles to create the best solutions for users.


Software developer - web servers and systems, coding, design, and testing

Customer communication, Phone and Help Desk support

Gabriela Nabanan

Customer Happiness and Assistant

Gabriela recently joined our team and it is Gaby who will answer your needs when you call, email or lodge a job request ticket through our Help Desk platform.

Gaby is an enthusiastic individual who loves to assist clients with their enquiries and learning about social and digital. Don't hesitate to call.

Ahmad Azhar

Back End Developer

Azhar contributes to the back end development of our platforms. 

Azhar enjoys creating useful apps that help people solve various problems and make their lives easier.


MVC .Net Core Development 

Carmen Umbers

Visual Digital Designer

Carmen is a deep thinking Visual Designer. She designs interfaces, graphics and layouts for all digital media including landing and product pages, banners, illustrations, infographics, EDM, social media, mobile app screens, and more for DDSN and our clients.

Carmen loves the convergence of technology and art, and bringing ideas to life through the digital medium.

Digital designer, graphics and layouts for digital media

Customer communication, Phone and Help Desk support

Derek Robertson

Senior Full Stack Generalist Developer

Derek recently joined our team and brings a tremendous range of technical experience to the team after many years as a freelancer.

Derek enjoys bringing people's ideas to life, applying his broad range of knowledge to find creative solutions to tricky problems and using the latest technology to create immersive user experiences.


Alex Kuznetsov

Front End Developer

Alex brings experience in front end development and project delivery to the team and works across web and email projects.

Alex enjoys learning, building and creating. He is inspired by concepts that grow into complex solutions that help improve people's everyday lives.


Digital designer, graphics and layouts for digital media