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The digital platform for Victorian Catchment Management Authorities

DDSN's Digital CMA platform is an advanced combination of software, digital infrastructure, and professional services specifically optimised for the needs of Catchment Management Authorities.

Support natural resource management in your region with a future proofed, government ready, standards compliant, digital framework backed by a leading digital agency.

Expression of Interest

Let us know you're interested in the Digital CMA Platform to arrange a demonstration.
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Laptop and smartphone screens displaying the GBCMA and Flood Victoria websites

A full service digital platform that meets the online business needs of Catchment Management Authorities in Victoria.

Out of the box compliance with the Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency's Digital Service Standard ensures your CMA is equipped with a qualified toolkit, ready to roll out immediately, that meets the needs of a modern CMA.

Key Benefits

Technical Benefits

  • Bulletproof security, externally audited
  • Multi-site, one platform
  • Open integration APIs
  • The richest suite of functions and modules
  • Content management, forms, community engagement, marketing, social media, e-commerce - all in one
  • Advanced analytics
  • High performance

Business Benefits

  • Government ready standards compliance
  • Crowd sourced development
  • Shared infrastructure, shared costs
  • Focus on the needs of CMAs
  • DDSN as your partner: Beautiful and accessible visual design, qualified UX, technical excellence, and dedicated digital support
  • Highly cost effective, technically advanced custom development
  • More value than aGov

Core Features & Capabilities

Distributed content management

Easy content management for large and small teams. Distribute publishing responsibilities using a robust, multi-site aware role and function based permissions framework coupled with extensible author / editor / publisher workflows.

Powerful form handling

Point-and-click configuration of complex forms with field dependencies, email notifications with rich layouts, powerful workflow and data management customisation, and integration with all CMS platform capabilities.


Manage multiple websites, each under different domain names, all from the one online administration interface. Unlimited content, unlimited users, unlimited sites.

Standards compliance - Victorian government standards

Beyond website technology standards, the enterprise class CMS platform fully supports compliance with the Victorian government's published workflow and business support process standards.

Standards compliance - AGLS metadata

With purpose built tools for tagging and describing your content using the AGLS Metadata Standard, this platform provides rare optimised support for Australian government best practices.

Standards compliance - Accessibility

Fully compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) out of the box, design your websites to the Level AA (Priority 2) or Level AAA (Priority 3) standard. Manage accessible content using built-in accessibility validation and preview tools.

Mobile responsive

Responsive design throughout the system ensures visitors to your website have the best experience on all devices - computer desktops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

File and asset management

Integrated, searchable, metadata driven file and asset management capabilities include automatic image generation, document previews, online file editing, and dynamic file link management features.

Powerful user accounts & CRM features

Groups and roles based user management tools track detailed user data and provide easy to configure identity management. Features include user logins, automatic or managed account registrations, private content, and integration with all CMS capabilities: forms, marketing automation, personalised content and more.

Email direct marketing

Build beautiful email newsletters and business messages with point-and-click ease, manage subscriptions, automate communications, and connect email directly to your user base. Unlimited subscribers, lists, and emails.

Advanced integrated analytics

Advanced usage reporting for your websites and apps, securely hosted behind the firewall. Much more that Google Analytics: search engine keywords, heatmaps, user session recording, multi-site roll-up reporting, detailed conversion and campaign reports, and more.

Social media

Easily configure dynamic sharing and bookmarking links to your visitors, track social media site outlinks, and automatically publish to social media sites.

Advanced search

Search pages, images, documents, metadata and more. Provide easy access to publications, tenders, expressions of interest, permits and reports to landowners and regional businesses.


Conduct commercial transactions including online payments securely from within your CMA website in real time with your landowners and regional business owners.

Search engine optimisation

Make sure your websites are found in public searches by automatic application of SEO best practices. Track your visitors from inbound campaigns and cross site links to conversion and transactions.

High performance

Deliver complex content at blitzing speeds through dynamic caching and optimised web server performance. This platform handled a sudden 4,000% traffic increase without a hiccup for Goulburn Murray Water during the 2015 Victorian floods.

Complete design control

Use rich out of the box design templates or create your own from common standards-based web design methodologies to present your content in any format you can imagine.

Extensive customisation capability

Quickly and cheaply develop specialised web apps and business-specific functions, or integrate your favourite web UI modules without impacting on backward compatibility and forward upgrade support via an extensive, extensible customisation layer.

A suite of technologies optimised for Victorian CMAs

We would be delighted to show through you a working installation of the Digital CMA platform. Demonstrations can be provided face-to-face or over the Internet. Please contact us to arrange an appropriate time.

Call us on 1300 656 412 for a chat and a quote or make a booking in our calendar.


Integrated Business Modules

Events calendars & bookings

Promote local events and important dates within your catchment region to website visitors and landowners via configurable events calendars. Collect bookings online.

Maps and spatial data

Easily integrate and build maps and location data into the pages of your website. 

News and updates

Drive visitors to your website, market the local region and highlight the achievements of your CMA with easy to update, relevant content, easily categorised and presented in beautiful templates. Feed updates to social media and other sites automatically.

Tender management

Schedule and publish tenders, expressions of interest, or community engagement responses online. Answer group questions, keep vendors anonymous, collect and manage tender responses. Allow automatic or moderated vendor registration.

Jobs & recruitment

Reach and attract the right people for your CMA with targeted, engaging career opportunity listings, receive and manage applications online.

Community engagement / portal features

Engage with your community using a range of communications modules. Community portal self registration, blogs and documents with threaded feedback, discussion forums and file sharing, personalised content and more.

Marketing and communications automation

Beyond simple email marketing and tracked analytics, deliver scheduled and automatic personalised communications to subscribers and registered users, configure advanced feedback forms, and more.

Silktide integration module

Easily track the quality of your site using the industry leading Silktide platform, with direct connection to CMS content editing.

Other modules

Photo galleries, glossaries, RSS feeds, site maps, link checking, discussion forums, page commenting, blogs, file downloads, membership services management, conference and workshop management, mobile app push notifications, live chat integration, help desk, timesheets and more.

CMS Framework Features

Easy to use

The CMS platform underpinning the Digital CMS platform provides powerful, off-the-shelf, web based website management tools that are simple to use, and driven by a deep application development platform.

Distributed workflow & permissions

A robust, multi-site aware role and function based permissions framework coupled with easily configured and extensible standard author / editor / publisher workflow offers distributed publishing capabilities to both small and large teams.

Single sign-on

Optional integration with common single sign-on methodologies including Office365 (coming soon), SAML, Active Directory, and custom SSO providers.

Integration & APIs

Work with us to connect open APIs provided by the CMS software and associated platform tools to your existing enterprise systems.

Open standards / shared code

Coupling open source platform components with a flexible and open CMS licence, all code and tools created for the Digital CMA platform are available to all CMAs in every upgrade. No user or functionality restrictions. Everything is shared.

Crowd sourced development

Supported by a highly agile continuous integration methodology, work with DDSN and other CMAs to pool resources for the low cost development of regularly upgraded systems and new tools, purpose built for CMAs.

Platform Services & Apps

Secure Australian hosting

Security-hardened, third party penetration tested, locally supported, constantly monitored, feature rich, rock solid application hosting platform with all core infrastructure located inside Australian jurisdiction. We're hosting for Australia's largest telco, a state police department, and government agencies.

Streaming Video Delivery Network

Easily upload videos for automatic encoding and conversion to streaming formats. Host public and private videos. Embed videos in your websites and apps.


The Digital CMA solution includes development, staging, and training server environments to support robust agile application development and publishing processes.

Continuous integration & managed upgrades

All your platform components are kept in tune and up to date. No hassles. No hidden costs or ad hoc upgrade project fees. You'll always have the latest technology.

Customer Relationship Management

The industry leading and feature rich open source application  SuiteCRM is available on the DDSN hosting platform for customers without an internal CRM.

File management

The DDSN cloud file management tool gives your CMA its own file dropbox, hosted behind the firewall and supported by service level agreements, so you can securely upload and share files. 

Your own custom systems

Consolidate your hosting and technical support for process and cost efficiency. Put your own web apps behind our firewall and draw on our technical support. We'll work with you to understand your systems and provide the flexibility and service levels you need. It won't necessarily cost extra.

Intranet / extranet integration

Work with us and the platform's flexible integration options to automate and integrate your workflows with your intranet, extranet, or other online systems.  

Mobile apps

Native mobile apps are part of every digital platform today. Design and manage your own app via's out-of-the-box app builder (currently in beta), or work with us to create purpose-designed apps for any need.

Professional Services

Spectacular visual design

Bring along your existing website design, use our ready-to-go CMA template, or optionally work with our designers to make your CMA's presentation shine. DDSN has been designing award winning websites and apps for government agencies, businesses, and national brands for 20+ years. 

Usability / user experience

User centred design underpins everything we do. Draw on DDSN's extensive user experience to really connect to your audiences. Ask us about on-going user testing, user-driven requirements gathering, and evidence based UX design.

Maintenance & engagement

A key part of the platform offering is direct access to DDSN's expert consultancy team at reduced pre-booked hourly rates. Pre-booked maintenance time can be used for any purpose - technical support, strategic consultancy, content development, visual design, or coding.

Cost effective custom development

Our expert small team has been creating advanced custom digital systems since the business began in 1997. We love a challenge. You'll be amazed at what we can deliver for such affordable prices.

Help desk & telephone support

Local, expert support at your fingertips. All jobs are tracked via a process driven help desk, and we're at the other end of the phone every day.


Delivered online or in person depending on your team's needs, we provide platform usage and digital skills training for every project. Workshop topics range from content authoring to admin and developer training.

CMA and Government Experience

The Digital CMA platform was born from years of experience with catchment management authorities and related agencies.

Before Local Land Services in NSW took over central management of the NSW CMAs and re-structured them, we designed and developed websites, intranets, and application management tools for Northern Rivers CMA, Murrumbidgee CMA, and Lachlan CMA.

In Victoria today our digital services support Goulburn Broken CMA and nearby agencies including Goulburn-Murray Water and Mitchell Shire Council.

DDSN Solutions

Everything in the Digital CMA platform is backed by DDSN's unique and innovative service offering.

Websites and Custom Apps

Beautiful, usable, rich, responsive, accessible websites and apps that run on every mobile device and in the browser.

 Maintenance and Growth

Strategic marketing, technical support, and agile development aligned with your business growth goals.

Hosted Digital Platform

We provide every customer a rich suite of hosted applications. Highly secure, fast, locally supported, and highly available.

The  DDSN digital platform provides a great starting point for many businesses. For our clients with large scale or proprietary technologies, we'll help wire up the distinct marketing and operations software to provide a coherent business-specific user experience for both customers and support staff.

A suite of technologies optimised for Victorian CMAs

We would be delighted to show through you a working installation of the Digital CMA platform. Demonstrations can be provided face-to-face or over the Internet. Please contact us to arrange an appropriate time.

Call us on 1300 656 412 for a chat and a quote or make a booking in our calendar.