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Email Marketing is Still Cool (Redux)

Wednesday 15 August 2018
You're right. We've written this article before. The fact that not much has changed about the idea since then is worth discussing. Email marketing is not disappearing in the wake of social media and microblogging. Actually, it remains one of the most lucrative communications efforts you can undertake.
A cropped screenshot of a typical prototype / wireframe.

User Interface Prototypes Save Time and Money

Thursday 5 July 2018
Prototypes are great. They're cheap and easy to create, and they make the rest of your project cheaper, easier, and better too. Good prototyping improves the quality of your project. Here's an intro to prototypes and how to make them.
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Quick Wins for Digital Projects

Thursday 31 May 2018
A strategy that includes "quick wins" in areas such as usability improvements, online marketing, technology updates, traffic growth, and e-communications can inject new life into your digital platform.
Screenshots of some mobile apps that DDSN has developed on small screen mobile devices.

Mobile Website or Smartphone App? Quick Wins Can be Part of a Mobile Services Strategy

Thursday 18 January 2018
Quick wins are possible, but before creating mobile phone apps or mobile websites, pause to consider the development of a medium to long term vision of how you will communicate with your customers in the mobile space.
Image of a website design wireframe and CSS code

Common Website Development Pitfalls: The Most Underestimated Website Design Tasks (Part 2)

Monday 12 December 2011
Some parts of the website development job are always underestimated. We looked at creating great content, defining solid business processes, and staff availability in part one of this article. In part two we'll have a look at some of the other common pitfalls and how to try avoiding them.
Image of one of the design templates for DDSN's website

Common Website Development Pitfalls: The Most Underestimated Website Design Tasks

Friday 18 November 2011
There are certain parts of the website development job that are always underestimated. Always. Even when the project plan and budget details have been written and analysed in the minutest detail. What are they and how should we deal with them?
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Should I Build a Mobile Website?

Friday 18 March 2011
Accessing websites on mobile devices like phones and iPads offers quite a different user experience to traditional web access devices like PCs. Is there a good reason to design and build a mobile website separately to your main website?
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Email Marketing is Still Cool

Friday 25 June 2010
Like Cher, can email marketing stay cool for decades? Is it possible that email marketing can become even cooler over ten years? What's so cool about email marketing?
'Before' and 'after' comparion of the Civic Video website design re-alignment

Redesign or Realign?

Wednesday 5 May 2010
Fashion designers and website designers both follow market trends. But in the case of websites, it's not only about aesthetics. This article looks at the difference between redesigning and realigning websites.
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Your Business Blog is the Centre of the Universe

Thursday 22 April 2010
The social networking sites are here to stay and grow. Will they undermine the value of your website / blog as a central point of communication with your customers?
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Turning Statistics Into Analytics, the Measure of Success

Monday 19 April 2010
What's the difference between statistics and analytics? Considering website traffic trends to define goals and measure success.
A cropped screenshot of part of the cm3 Acora CMS page development toolkit.

How to Buy a Content Management System

Wednesday 1 January 2003
Buying a CMS is not like buying other kinds of software, even if you think your requirements are fairly simple. Here are some of our suggestions for how to develop a purchasing strategy.

Enabling Information Trade with a Content Management System

Tuesday 10 December 2002
A presentation given by Rob Wells as the headline speaker at December's Australian E-commerce Network seminar, moderated by Stewart Carter of The Age.
A concept diagram showing various information devices in a numbered list.

Key Benefits of Content Management

Tuesday 1 October 2002
Are you in the early stages of considering a CMS deployment and wondering how you'll see a return on investment? We break the key benefits down into organisational, technical, and cost categories.
A concept diagram icons of things like graphs, people, and computers floating around colourful jigsaw pieces in the middle.

What is a Content Management System?

Wednesday 31 July 2002
This article discusses the defining characteristics of a content management system (CMS) and how they relate to document management, knowledge management, configuration management, application development, and more.