DDSN moves to Creative Cubes

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Monday 10 August, 2020
by Danielle Kennedy

The world is changing and so are we.

COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on all the aspects of our lives, especially as a workforce.

Just as we are beginning to get comfortable in working from our homes, things will get back to normal soon. For some people, things will go back to the way they were, while for others there will be a new normal.

At DDSN,  we had a smooth transition from working in offices to working from homes. We enjoyed the flexibility and results so much that we have decided to move to a co-working space - Creative Cubes Co.

A co-working space will help us create an environment which is enjoyable for our team and more collaborative for our clients.

Creative Cubes Co. is a unique co-working space that provides collaborate work spaces to small, medium and enterprise businesses that operate in various locations on daily, monthly and long-term basis. 

In addition to providing workspaces and other services, Creative Cubes foster a synergic community with Happiness and support it with four pillars i.e. Work Spaces, Events, Wellness and Fuel.

While we did not get a chance to bid adieu to our old office, we are taking our values, attitude and an amazing team to the new co-working space. We can't wait to start working in our new place and make the most of the interactive work culture.

At DDSN, we believe in changing with the times and flexibility is our new mantra.