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We're your digital department. Strategic marketing, technical support, and agile development combined with powerful technology and aligned with your business growth goals.

Highlighted Engagement Services

Beyond  website and app design and advanced hosting, we support your digital operations and marketing strategy:

An Agile Approach

To make the most of a well developed digital platform, constant change is required.

The concept of continuous integration is becoming more widely adopted in the software development world. It’s a process that shortens change cycles, assuring rapid and regular rolling out of small changes as opposed to rigid, large scale changes that take longer to implement, cost more, and can lead to delivery lagging behind demand.

The idea can apply to more than just the software in your digital platform. For instance, imagine the benefits of:

  • highly responsive marketing efforts,
  • on-going usability improvements,
  • incremental product and service innovation, and
  • adaptive communications that move quickly alongside changing technologies and audience demands.

Our clients are experts in their fields. They provide subject matter expertise and internal marketing, communications, and operations expertise that can be naturally extended by the technical, creative, and strategic services of a nimble digital agency. That's where DDSN comes in...

Business Development and Support Plans

To engender the kind of pro-activity that leads to agile behaviour, we encourage our clients to commit to a pre-set number of hours to be spent developing, maintaining, and supporting the digital platform every month.

It’s not a retainer - we let the hours roll forward (within certain boundaries) if they’re not used, so time is not lost. The pre-booking of hours assures that resources are always available and pro-actively used, avoids onerous management processes, and allows us to concentrate on getting things done.

A Typical DDSN Engagement Plan

  • Develop a support plan strategic delivery roadmap covering marketing, technology, and communications milestones. It's a high level strategic guide for continuous development. It can be adapted over time.
  • Commit a portion of the support plan to measurement and reporting on a monthly or bi-monthly cycle.
  • Define meaningful and easy to measure performance indicators to socialise with the entire digital team as well as report back to the business.

    Metrics range from transactional reports such as growth in sales and communications, to marketing success indicators such as website analytics and social reach, to operational indicators such as delivery of new capabilities and technology roll-outs.
  • Commit a portion of the support plan to the research, design and prototyping of new ideas which may or may not be implemented in the next change cycle.
  • Commit to immediate upgrades of the digital platform whenever notable new features become available.
  • Constant usability testing using website heatmaps, A/B testing, visitors surveys, and recorded statistical reports, as well as occasional re-testing of use case scenarios with end users for new or re-designed functions.
  • Incorporate regular training and staff development exercises.
  • Technical support and systems health maintenance is an important part of the plan, to make sure the platform keeps humming.