Australian Scholarships Group Intranet

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An easy to use and easy to manage intranet with integrated calendars and social networking tools.

The Challenge

Australian Scholarships Group provides parents with educational funds and resources to give their children a kick-start in continuing education. Behind the scenes, a wide range of different data and communications systems are used by various organisational departments to get the job done.

ASG's intranet needed to tie together a the various departmental workflows and communications, providing an easy, central location for staff and certain partners to connect to various online systems, communicate with each other, access policies and procedures, and use online forms.

The Solution

DDSN worked with the ASG communications team to identify all the various data systems within the organisation and architect a navigation structure that would suit the widest array of staff. A departmental publishing strategy was chosen to support ASG's overall work process, and the home page provides a launchpad for tools and communications that are accessed more widely across the organisation.

Online collaboration both within departments and across the entire team is enabled through the Intranet via Yammer, a private "social network" geared for business communications.

The cm3 Acora CMS platform offers a powerful distributed publishing capability, so responsibility for maintaining content in each department was delegated to teams in each area.


DDSN Services

  • Digital strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Visual and interaction design
  • Content management - cm3 Acora CMS
  • Training and technical support
  • Hosting and security analysis

Key Features

  • Single sign-on integrated with ASG's active directory
  • External (non-AD) access can be provided via the CMS's own authentication framework
  • Business social networking via Yammer, with separate communications channels available for each department
  • Connected to the company-wide Google Calendar
  • Permissions-based distributed publishing delegated to different departments