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A knowledge and project tracking portal for Central Consulting Services to share project information and professional development opportunities across Asia-Pacific, US, and European regions.  

The Challenge

Reaching Rider Levett Bucknall and RCP offices with quantity surveying and project management teams across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the US, one of CCS's big problems is the sharing of project and client knowledge throughout the joint companies. The Knowledge Hub aims to bring it all together in a central, easy to access, and secure environment.

The Solution

Encompassing a range of purpose-built tools for various people across the widely distributed company offices to create and update content, the Knowledge Hub was designed with a "wiki"-like concept in mind.

Contributing localised business content to the site is as easy as logging in and clicking add or edit when prompted. Yet a carefully designed information architecture ensures fluent collaboration processes and well structured content throughout the international database.

Based on the cm3 Acora CMS intranet framework, the Knowledge Hub is automatically sensitive to a user's level of permission, hiding sensitive information or exposing online editing tools where needed.

Connecting Clients and Projects Across Regions

A key aspect of the collaboration portal is its ability to connect high level client information from multiple Customer Relationship Management tools across international regions with project records, making it easy to find information about projects and the people working on them anywhere in the world.

A single sign-on integration makes it simple to access the Knowledge Hub anywhere within the company on desktop or mobile devices, and a two factor authentication fallback login makes the tool available to managers and staff on the road.

It's the first time the CCS group of companies has been able to share data so simply and widely across the world.

Knowledge Development and Training

To augment the client/project database, sector intelligence from around the world is regularly updated by local experts, and the CCS Academy offers online access to training programs, webinars, and regional professional development events.


DDSN Services

  • Digital strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Visual and interaction design
  • Content management - cm3 Acora CMS
  • Secure hosting
  • Maintenance and support

Key Features

  • Advanced CRM and projects search databases
  • Integration with localised CRM and project information tools
  • International single sign-on + two factor authentication for external access
  • Distributed content management built for wiki-like ease of updates
  • Online collaboration framework - events calendars, discussion forums, peer-based content reviewing, latest information feeds, and an area dedicated to director-level communications