CSIRO AIM Digital Conference Tools

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A suite of easy to use digital conference management tools to market CSIRO's largest future science platform, process event registration, and securely share knowledge.

The Challenge

Active Integrated Matter (AIM) is CSIRO's largest future science platform, tasked with the conception and development of new science that will lead Australia to 2040 and beyond.

"The Active Integrated Matter conference series is an opportunity for CSIRO researchers to come together with industry and academia to discuss recent applied scientific advances addressing the challenges of a dramatically changing world."

The Solution

DDSN worked with the CSIRO to deploy a suite of digital conference management tools based on cm3 Acora CMS. Using these tools we designed and constructed the AIM Future Science website, and hosted it on the highly secure DDSN.net hosting platform.

Security was particularly important for this project, but without an ability to integrate the system directly with CSIRO's internal database systems, innovation was needed to share science knowledge online in a secure way. DDSN developed a secure account management system providing both password-based and email-based login with real time verification of CSIRO accounts.


DDSN Services

  • Digital strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Visual and interaction design
  • Content management - cm3 Acora CMS
  • Training and technical support
  • High security hosting

Key Features

  • Event registration and attendance processing
  • Secure knowledge sharing
  • Abstracts collection and distribution
  • Event program management tool and event scheduler
  • Email marketing and automated communications leading up to the event
  • Rich multimedia including video and 360 degree photography