GBCMA - Maintenance plan

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The Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority, GB CMA,  facilitates integrated planning for management of land, water and biodiversity resources and they wanted to enhance the on-going support and management for their web facing digital platforms.

The Challenge

GB CMA is working to ensure land and water resources are protected and enhanced as well as improving the region's social wellbeing, environmental quality and productive capacity in a sustainable manner. The Goulburn Broken Catchment is situated in northern Victoria and constitutes the catchments of the Goulburn and Broken rivers and is part of the Murray River Valley.

DDSN Interactive was already working with GB CMA for basic technical work on their website including maintenance, software upgrades, minor CMS modifications and security review work. To improve communications and enhance their web presence, GB CMA extended partnership with DDSN Interactive so that DDSN is able to engage more directly in the on-going improvement and management of their digital platform.

The Solution

DDSN Interactive offered a complete support package to GB CMA - to be more than just another digital agency. GB CMA signed up to a fixed hour plan where in any given month they can use any of DDSN's services; from strategy to application development, from design to advanced form production.

In 2019 as an example of the outcomes of a complete support package, DDSN worked with GB CMA to define their digital strategy, completed a website redesign, improved security aspects of their website software and supported needs of content authors among other services.



The most important aspect of a DDSN support package is that DDSN schedules regular meetings with GB CMA’s communications and IT managers to assure that an active, strategically minded development schedule is defined and constantly reviewed. This plan is currently used by GB CMA for any kind of work required by them throughout the year, as it always agile.

DDSN is also currently hosting GB CMA’s websites on hosting service.

DDSN's technical development process works in three phases. It’s important for quality control that changes we make to the clients’ systems are fully reviewed and tested by them before they’re launched to a live website.

Phase 1: Development website

Phase 2: Test/staging website

Phase 3: Live website

Throughout the whole program, GB CMA co-partnered with DDSN through the DDSN Helpdesk which provides a tracked ticketing system to manage all customer work requests that can be posted, quoted, approved for initiation and tracked.

The Result

DDSN always aims to foster existing relationships with the clients, to work for their best interests. DDSN believes in implementing a partnership approach to proactively assist our clients rather than doing just damage control.

We take pride in your site and your digital assets and drive continuous improvement for the best results. DDSN strives to be the digital partner for all their clients and want the best digital presence for them so that they thrive.

In regards with GBCMA, DDSN continues to expand its relationship by hosting their website on the hosting service in the most secure form and continues to work with them as per the maintenance plan.