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Dementia Support Australia is a partnership run by Hammond Care and it needed to re-design its website to align with its brand update and core values. 

The Challenge

Dementia Support Australia (DSA) is an Australian government funded national partnership led by Hammond Care. This service brings a diverse range of dementia expertise from across the aged care industry of Australia through a network of offices across the country. DSA consultants provide timely, on-the-ground support, maintaining local knowledge and relationships.

After developing a new logo for DSA, Hammond Care wanted to change the colour palette for the DSA website aligning with the new logo. Hence, Hammond Care partnered with DDSN Interactive to rebrand and visually refresh the DSA website, to be able to match well with the new brand logo and what it represents.

The Solution

After thorough research and discussions, DDSN Interactive came up with three options to suit Hammond Care’s budget:

  • Option 1: A light touch where DDSN change the colour palette of the existing website design.  
  • Option 2: A full visual redesign which includes visual and functional redesign of the site. 
  • Option 3: Undertaking option 2 through their existing monthly DDSN Engagement Plan, taking about 6 months.  

Hammond Care and DDSN analysed all the options by discussing the pros and cons and finalised the second option as it consisted of valuable features and was budget friendly.


Our projects are always based on design that suits our customer’s particular needs.

We believe that a brand should be able to stand out from competitors by showcasing their brand values in all forms of communications, so as to resonate with the customers. Hence, we collected information from Hammond Care about the brand colours, presentation standards, website visitors and the business values to be able to create a perfect website design.

A major feature of the design is an WCAG 2.0 AAA accessible design and a very large font size to suit the older demographic of users of this site. The font can also be made even larger with the onscreen toggle at the top right.We also addressed the responsiveness in design at its very core so that website looks good in all the devices. 



DDSN Interactive was able to create a sharp, professional, attractive, and modern design for the website including a fresh and unique presentation. We were able to invoke a strong connection between Hammond Care brand and the community by rejuvenating the website and align it with the brand values.

DDSN’s approach to website design and planning is based on the principles of a formal discipline known as User Centred Design (UCD). Our design process can go to varying depths depending on the needs of each project. The key design exercises for this project included a Look and Feel Questionnaire to understand the image that Hammond Care wanted to build for DSA; Information Architecture & User Testing and Prototype Development as good prototypes assure successful project outcomes and definitely save valuable time & money.

DDSN continue to work with DSA to achieve the highest possible accessibility compliance for their site and content.