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Marketing Automation through a cloud implementation of Suite CRM i.e. a fully integrated, and customised Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for Australia's leading testing and measuring instrument supplier. Additionally, working on continuously improving and supporting them with their digital transformation through a long-term partnership.

The Challenge

IDM Instruments prides itself as the leading manufacturer and supplier of testing and measuring instrument, sensors and transducers. It also provides quality solutions to customers manufacturing processes and laboratory testing requirements.


Being an award-winning manufacturer and supplier, they get a lot of orders for their testing machines. But their sales and marketing process was very decentralised, making it difficult to keep a track of each query and transaction. To resolve this, IDM Instruments partnered with DDSN Interactive to implement a fully integrated, cloud based CRM suitable to their business model.

The Solution 

The first step in this digital transformation was to assess the exact needs and preferences of IDM Instruments. After a thorough discussion and research, we created a standard workflow for their sales processes, that was to be followed by the whole organisation for every transaction. This was followed by creating and establishing a customised cloud based platform to support their domestic and international marketing and sales efforts. 


As this platform was created while keeping in mind the needs of their local staff as well as their international agents and distributors, we were able to achieve the following outcomes to enhance their marketing automatomation:

  • Store, track and analyse all of IDM's product, sales and marketing information
  • Establish workflows for their sales team to improve efficiency
  • Provide access to technical and marketing documents for their whole team, distributors and agents
  • Finding new opportunities for their business

The Result

IDM's marketing manager says "It took us 45 minutes to create a single quote and after the implementation of Suite CRM we are able to create and send a quote within 10 minutes." This has helped them standardise their sales processes, and monitor them in a much more efficient way. After sending a quote, a follow-up email is sent to the prospective customers automatically within a week via the CRM. The manager is able to keep a track of the customer journey and easily check for any recurring issues at all stages. They are now able to focus on more important tasks like nurturing the leads and increasing sales.


DDSN Interactive helped IDM improve productivity of their sales and marketing team to be more organised and have the ability to quickly deliver quotes to their customers. We continue to work with them as their dedicated digital partners. 

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