Brand Update for The Kid's Cancer Project

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Dedicated to advancing childhood cancer research, The Kids Cancer Project embarked on a journey to enhance its brand positioning in the marketplace. Aiming to bolster its presence and awareness, it sought a comprehensive rebranding effort that focused on a new visual design style guide and a strategic approach centred around the science behind its mission.

The Challenge

The Kids Cancer Project faced the challenge of effectively translating its new brand strategy and visual design into a cohesive online experience. They also sought to communicate their role in various fundraising campaigns, which had previously caused confusion in some sections of the community. With a diverse range of campaigns, from "Crazy Hair Day" to "Write a Book in a Day," there was a need to align these efforts under a clear brand message and vision to inspire more people to get involved and hence their connection with DDSN.

The Goal

The primary objective of this project was twofold: to heighten brand awareness and foster a deeper understanding of The Kids Cancer Project's role within the community. This needed to be achieved within a clearly outlined timeframe and budget, while also ensuring the new messaging was embedded cohesively.

The Solution

In pursuit of a viable solution, DDSN's Managing Partner, Dr. Kennedy, a former PhD Chemist, leveraged her experience to delve into the heart of The Kids Cancer Project's communication strategy. By analysing site analytics and interpreting the market research's communication insights, she formulated a strategic approach.

CEO Rob Wells was also involved and personally led the transformation of The Kids Cancer Project's website, ensuring that the new brand vision and organisational purpose were seamlessly woven into the site's design.

The Outcome

The collaboration between DDSN Interactive and The Kids Cancer Project saw the site’s home page receive a strategic makeover, elevating the communication of The Kids Cancer Project's core purpose to the forefront. This strategic alignment was extended throughout the entire website, presenting a unified brand experience that consistently highlighted the organisation's mission.

The Results

The new brand implementation has since resonated powerfully with the audience, capturing their attention and communicating The Kids Cancer Project's role and mission. This was confirmed when a major donation was received from a cold web-based source just two weeks after the website launch, underscoring the effectiveness of the website in driving crucial donations.

The results brought about by the work of DDSN not only elevated brand awareness but also showcased how a cohesive online experience can deeply resonate with users, fostering engagement and driving support for a noble cause.


DDSN Services

  • Digital strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Visual and interaction design
  • Content management - Kentico 12 to Kentico Xperience 13 
  • Training and technical support
  • Hosting and security analysis

Key Features

  • Custom design aligned with their unique brand
  • Information architecture designed to maximise public awareness
  • Strategies for converting one time donations to ongoing donors