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The Kids Cancer Project, a dedicated charity focused on funding research for childhood cancer, aspired to elevate its corporate fundraising. With an ambitious goal of raising $1 million annually and expanding their corporate donor base over the next five years, they approached DDSN for assistance. Their mission was to enhance their digital presence to effectively highlight the impact of corporate donors and streamline their SEO efforts.

The Challenge

The Kids Cancer Project had spent significant time grappling with the need to consolidate its SEO efforts, as it maintained numerous micro-sites across different charity-focused platforms which diluted their overall reach. They sought a solution that would unify their digital presence while also shining a light on their primary fundraising campaign, "Future Cure," which operates year-round to attract major corporate donors.

The Goal

In this instance, the objective was clear: to seamlessly integrate their primary fundraising campaign into their main website. By doing so, The Kids Cancer Project aimed to provide a comprehensive, engaging, and interactive experience for potential corporate donors in the hope of optimising their online fundraising efforts.

The Solution

DDSN stepped in to provide a holistic solution and called upon their experience with Kentico, a web content management system designed to streamline the efforts of marketing teams. Leveraging their expertise with the platform, DDSN created a robust fundraising portal that facilitated seamless donation collection and showcased the profound impact of corporate donors.

The portal also incorporated essential elements such as a fundraising thermometer to track progress, partner badges, partner awards, donation recognition badges, and attribution mechanisms. These features were designed to engage and encourage corporate donors, communicate the tangible outcomes of their contributions, and foster a sense of community and contribution.

The Outcome

DDSN’s implementation yielded significant results. Within a span of just four weeks, DDSN conducted a comprehensive business analysis, designed prototypes, and successfully executed the development of the "Future Cure" donation campaign.

The revamped Kentico-based fundraising platform allowed potential corporate donors to explore and support specific research projects aligned with their philanthropic goals and also featured an animated presentation of donor acknowledgments, further enhancing engagement and appreciation.

The Results

The Kids Cancer Project is well on its way to achieving its annual fundraising target, thanks to the engaging and effective fundraising platform established by DDSN. By consolidating their fundraising efforts into their main website using Kentico, The Kids Cancer Project not only streamlined their SEO efforts but also gained a rich foundation for other charitable organisations to build their own fundraising websites.

Overall, DDSN Interactive's expertise as a Kentico partner and The Kids Cancer Project's vision for impactful fundraising converged to create a dynamic and engaging online fundraising platform as was the goal from the outset.


DDSN Services

  • Digital strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Visual and interaction design
  • Content management - Kentico 12 to Kentico Xperience 13 
  • Training and technical support
  • Hosting and security analysis

Key Features

  • Custom design aligned with their unique brand
  • Complex donations workflow
  • Digital donation badges and feeds of donors
  • Total donation thermometer
  • Complex event ticketing right on the charity website