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The Police Association of New South Wales needed a mobile application to improve communications with a large number of members and keep them up-to-date with the latest information.

The Challenge

The Police Association of New South Wales is an association which represents the professional and industrial interests of approximately 16,500 members, police officers in New South Wales. 

DDSN partnered with PANSW to create a world class mobile application specifically for the purpose of communicating with all members and keeping them up-to-date with all the important information like events, weekly rosters, reminders, changes about shifts, and other important information.

The Solution

The key features of the PANSW app included website integration; personalised member profiles and a surveys & voting section. User experience design and testing drove the design and function of the app. 

The app has an app wide search capability, critical incident call button, salary calculator, support knowledge base, events calendar, a news feed and push messaging with a “notifications” section in the app.

The app also includes a roster management system which is the flagship component of the app. The roster management tool allows a member to quickly and simply input their own roster information and then the tool keeps them up-to-date with shift reminders and optional integration with their phones or cloud hosted calendars.

The content and navigation structure for all standard menus and static page structures in the app is managed in the cm3 Acora CMS platform. The PANSW member app is connected to two advanced analytics servers i.e. Google Analytics and the Analytics server. The custom analytics system provides detailed insights into app usage.


We support our clients through the creation of their digital platform and are simultaneously being sensitive to client reporting, quality management, and stakeholder engagement needs. We were able to create a high quality and a very efficient PANSW member app that not only satisfied the needs of members but also provides information on quality and engagement to PANSW.