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Trinity College at the University of Melbourne has a Foundation Studies program that needed assistance during COVID-19 to support their students.

The Challenge

Trinity College's Foundation Studies program is like a pathway for international students to study at the University of Melbourne. The program is run by the Pathways School within Trinity College. The Pathways School provides strong student support services and social activities thereby helping students’ transition from high school to university.

Early in 2020 the Trinity College Pathways School wanted to improve their online communication as they were heavily affected by COVID-19 and wanted to maintain connection with existing students and interested potential students.

They chose to implement a live online chat system on the website.  

The Solution

DDSN Interactive came up with three options

  1. Integration of previously used third party live chat system with the Trinity website along with a way to switch it on/off as needed
  2. Deploying Kentico CMS Live Chat module, the Trinity website is powered by Kentico Experience
  3. Deploying a dedicated Trinity College team chat server on the hosting platform and integration with the Trinity website.

The third option, a dedicated chat server on the hosting platform, was selected as most suited.


The Result

This  decision allows Trinity to ensure higher security of information in student and school communications and to have a large number of staff as users of the chat system. It also features extended functionalities like single sign-on, unlimited users and many other enterprise features.

The system is flexible for a seamless integration with existing Trinity systems and suitable for the future ones, if required.

DDSN continues its long-term partnership with Trinity College at the University of Melbourne for similar service improvement projects.

DDSN Services

  • Digital strategy
  • Secure hosting with
  • Custom integration
  • Enterprise electronic direct marketing platform

Key Features

  • Custom design for live chat window matching site design
  • Responsive design to optimise the live chat for all devices
  • Integration between the chat server and Kentico CMS
  • Unlimited users and generous storage