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Trinity College which is a residential college of the University of Melbourne needed to re-design their website to include advanced functionality.

The Challenge

Trinity College is one of the oldest residential colleges of the University of Melbourne. It has been welcoming students from more than 60 countries to their inclusive community and is known for its strong values. Over the years, Trinity College has built a strong global network of successful alumni and has been prioritising excellence in all areas.

Trinity College wanted to re-design it’s website to implement student recruitment, build a platform for Alumni engagement and make it more informative and useful for their current students. The improved website would also help the prospective students and parents to easily look for the detailed list of courses that the college provides and communicate Trinity’s strong support for international students in terms of academics, sports, leadership opportunities and community engagement. 

The Solution

DDSN followed a detailed approach to re-design their website in a way that includes all the advanced features and communicate their brand values. Firstly, DDSN started by doing a current site and content audit and defining the key audiences. Then DDSN conducted testing workshops, built website prototypes and user acceptance rounds to test those prototypes. Following the comprehensive planning, DDSN progressed to visual designing which included full visual layouts with source files for all design mock-ups as well as a simple style guide with implementation notes and functional components of the site like forms and e-commerce elements.

Finally, DDSN upgraded the existing CMS from Kentico 10 to Kentico 11 incorporating newer accessibility standards, site speed optimisation and search engine optimisation. In addition to that, DDSN constructed a series of responsive new website templates for the Trinity College website and deployed them in the upgraded CMS. DDSN also assisted Trinity with the content re-structuring for the new website based on the outcomes of the user experience and visual design projects including hosting of the website in a development environment. Finally the website was launched with updated templates and a new design following a half-day training workshop to cover use of the new website template in the CMS.  

The Result

The complete website re-design undertaken by DDSN Interactive resulted in a complete site taxonomy which ultimately made it easier for users and visitors to navigate through the website, in turn increasing the website visit rates. The website re-design culminated a world class responsive visual design that presents the college spectacularly on all devices including mobile and desktop, aligning with Trinity College’s brand refresh project.