Gian Fulgoni

Friday 10 September, 2021

“There is an abundance of data available in the digital world and if it’s harnessed effectively and correctly it can provide terrific insights.”

This week's quote is by a British businessman, entrepreneur, and market research consultant - Gian Mark Fulgoni

His major focus has been on the measurement of consumer behaviour and the effectiveness of advertising and promotion in TV, print, and online. 

Previously, Gian has held several executive leadership positions in the companies that managed public offering of the research companies Information Resources, Inc. and comScore, Inc.

He continues to serve on the boards of public companies in the software, consumer electronics, pet products, marketing services, and market research industries.

With a vast amount of experience in big data and analytics, Gian often talks about the benefits to consumers in creating price transparency. He also acknowledges the danger it poses to marketers because they have to focus on lower pricing at the expense of brand equity. 

However, targeting online advertising based on data analysis is an effective means to maintaining brand equity.

Being at the forefront of innovation in market research for the past four decades, Gian has seen and researched all the changing trends in this industry. He is known to be a research legend

At DDSN, harnessing data insights and using them to drive better marketing decisions has been a significant part of our brand strategy - not only for our own business but also for our clients. Our all-in-one Digital Experience Platform, Acora, specialises in collecting and reporting useful data insights on almost all digital activities.

The power of data is immense. The most important aspect is to analyse and optimise that data for it to translate to actual business results. It means going beyond click-through rates and form submissions and analysing how that turns into a lead, and ultimately generates sales. 

But with the recent demise of third-party cookies, how do you actually harness data to generate revenue?

The first step is to audit the types of data that are collected by your business currently and how that is used to segment your audience. Which modes breach the current policies and what kind of data is that affecting?

It will work differently for every type of business. You have the time to continuously test for the alternative methods of collecting that data and see what works the best for you.

Learn how to collect first-party data from your audience to win that customer data. This can be done through various methods like enhanced subscriptions, and loyalty programs.

It's time to reinvent your marketing with a greater focus on building your community, designing for the best user experience, studying their media consumption behaviour, and connecting with them on their desired platforms by creative ads that speak to them.

With some changes to the short-term strategy, and creating a long-term plan, advertisers can form a new type of relationship with consumers taking into account people's sensitivity towards their online data. This new relationship will be based upon mutual trust and an open exchange of value.

Today's Quote

 Graphic depicting Gian Fulgoni and his quote “There is an abundance of data available in the digital world and if it’s harnessed effectively and correctly it can provide terrific insights.”

Who is Gian Fulgoni?

Gian Mark Fulgoni is a British businessman, entrepreneur, and market research consultant.

In addition to working in executive leadership positions in the companies that managed public offering of the research companies, he continues to serve on boards of various market research, consumer and pet product companies. 

He has had a knack for translating difficult concepts into a widely understandable language since he was in college. He also spotted the emerging trend of rising data.

Gian co-founded comScore, Inc. in 1999, an Internet market intelligence company where he remained Executive chairman until 2014. In August 2016 Fulgoni was appointed CEO of ComScore.

The company provides marketing intelligence for companies in the CPG, Internet, media, retail, telecom, and other industries, and operates in 43 countries.

He has won numerous marketing awards and is also a speaker at marketing industry conferences worldwide, discussing Internet industry trends and marketing.

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