Hedy Lamarr

Friday 13 November, 2020

 "All creative people want to do the unexpected"


This week's quote is by the infamous inventor of Wi-Fi - Hedy Lamar

Hedy was a renowned Austrian-American actress, inventor, and a film producer. 

“People thought she was way too dazzlingly beautiful to have come up with some brilliant idea" and she was never given credit for her idea until 1997.

Hedy collaborated with George Antheil to develop a radio guidance system, which was intended to be used as a frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology to defeat the threat of radio frequency jamming. This technology was an important development in wireless communications, think eventually wifi and GPS technologies. She also collaborated with other engineers to improve aviation designs during war. 

Hedy and George invented this in the 1940's for use as a secret wartime communication system that could prevent the enemies from interfering with ship's torpedoes. She received a patent in 1942 and donated the invention to the U.S. military to help fight in the war.  But they just made fun of it and did not use it in the Second World War. It was after the Second World War that it emerged as a way of secretly communicating on all the gadgets that we use till date.

Even though, the world did not believe Hedy at that time, she kept inventing and developing new technologies. As she said, all the creative people want to keep doing unexpected things.

At DDSN we relate with Hedy because creative field is not limited to just one thing. If you don't limit yourself, you can achieve wonders.

We develop and design websites, apps, CRM platforms and do much more. We love being able to provide an all in one digital experience to our partners and help them customise all their digital platforms according to their needs. 

Being passionate about what we do, helps us do it everyday and motivates us to become better at it with time.

Today's Quote

Quote - "All creative people want to do the unexpected" - Hedy Lamarr


Who was Hedy Lamarr?

Hedy Lamarr was an  actress, inventor, and film producer. 

She was part of 30 films in an acting career spanning 28 years, and co-invented an early version of frequency-hopping spread spectrum.

Hedy was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960 for her brilliant performances.

Not only did Hedy develop a frequency hopping signal, she suggested to change the square design of  the  aviation tycoon Howard Hughes' aeroplanes. She thought the square design looked too slow and suggested to change it to a more streamlined shape, based on pictures of the fastest birds and fish she could find.

Hedy was a true beauty with brains and has contributed to the inventions of some of the most important things that are in use today like the GPS and Wi-Fi.

At DDSN we believe in pushing boundaries everyday and coming up with creative digital solutions for our clients.