Lauren Mosenthal

Friday 22 January, 2021

"Life is a series of building, testing, changing, and iterating."


This week's quote is by a renowned product designer, researcher, and entrepreneur - Lauren Mosenthal

Lauren is passionate about start-ups, technology, and minimalist designs. She likes to work with the companies that have ambitious teams and a double bottom line, i.e. companies that measure their performance in terms of positive social impact in addition to the fiscal revenue.

Lauren says that running a startup is a wild ride. "Your role changes constantly and every day the list of things you don’t know grows. To survive, you have to be quick on your feet, learn as you go, and figure out a process when you’re doing whatever it takes. Building a culture with design-thinking at its core gives you and your team the skills to iterate quickly and create this solid process for great work." That is why she has spent a lot of time researching, brainstorming, and building tools that enhance the company culture and inclusion.

Even in our personal lives, our ideal self is never static. It always keeps changing while we pursue our goals. That is why our goals and visions keep changing because as you grow up, you adopt a different version. 

It's okay to be in doubt sometimes to decide what you really want. One of the best ways is to start building things and creating a motion by simply taking that first step. You should never be afraid of change, but be terrified when you are not pursuing anything and are at a stop. When you are building, testing, changing, and iterating, you are learning and opening more paths towards your happiness and success.

At DDSN we have lived by this quote since the day we started our company. Since then, we have changed and adapted digital solutions to our client's ever-changing needs. Our main aim has always been designing thinking and our client's success, and the rest always follows. We don't have one-size-fits-all digital services for everyone because we know each business has different needs. That is why we customise our digital solutions to each of our client's needs and keep testing and building better digital solutions every single day. 

 Today's Quote

Graphic depicting a quote by Lauren Mosenthal - "Life is a series of building, testing, changing, and iterating."

Who is Lauren Mosenthal?

Lauren Mosenthal is a product designer, researcher, and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience. She is currently consulting with startups looking to make a positive social impact.

Most recently, Lauren led the product design and research teams at Guild Education. The company's mission is to expedite an affordable education system for America's 64 million working adults without a degree.

Before working at Guild, Lauren co-founded a venture-backed startup, Glasbreakers. It actually initiated as a women's peer-to-peer mentoring network. The company later shifted to formulate enterprises software to support Fortune 500 diversity, equity, and inclusion in teams as a core business function.


At DDSN believe in continuously testing, and developing digital technology to stay ahead of the times and help our clients do the same.