Leaping Llamas by DDSN can act as content management for mobile apps and progressive web apps

DDSN's Kentico Leaping Llamas: Website and Portal Features

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Leaping Llamas, developed by DDSN, has a suite of rich features for content management for mobile apps or progressive web apps (pwa).

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DDSN was recipient of Kentico site of the month in August 2023

Optimizing Mobile Engagement with Leaping Llamas

As mobile experiences become increasingly central to digital strategy, Leaping Llamas equips you with a comprehensive suite of features to craft mobile applications that are not only functional but also a pleasure to use. Our tools are designed to create a seamless and intuitive user experience that aligns with your brand and meets the high standards of today’s mobile users.

Automated Dashboard and Navigation: Intuitive User Journeys

Efficient navigation is the cornerstone of a positive mobile experience. Leaping Llamas facilitates this with automated dashboard and navigation tools that make it easy for users to find what they need, when they need it. This intuitive design ensures that users can navigate your app with minimal effort, focusing on the content and tasks at hand.

Syndicated Content and Compilations: Streamlined Information Sharing

Our platform supports the syndication of content across different channels and formats, ensuring that your news, events, and updates are easily accessible within your app. Compilations such as news feeds and event calendars are simple to manage and curate, providing users with a comprehensive view of your content offerings.

Event Calendar: Keeping Users Informed and Engaged

An interactive event calendar is integral to any app that includes scheduling or event management. Leaping Llamas allows users to view upcoming events, register their interest, or purchase tickets directly from their mobile device. This feature is designed to engage users and encourage participation in your events.

Unlimited App Content Pages: Freedom to Expand

With Leaping Llamas, you are not constrained by a limit on the number of content pages you can include in your app. This flexibility allows for the growth of your app’s content as your business expands, providing the space to deliver a rich and varied user experience.

Embedded Multimedia: A Rich Media Experience

To enhance engagement, our platform supports the embedding of images, videos, and forms within your app content. These multimedia elements are optimized for mobile performance and usability, ensuring that users have access to a rich media experience that complements your textual content.

Compliance with Industry Standards: Quality and Performance

In line with industry best practices, Leaping Llamas ensures that your mobile app meets the technical standards set by Apple and Google. This compliance is crucial for the smooth operation and distribution of your app on major platforms.

Acora CSS: A Tailored Aesthetic

Our proprietary Acora CSS framework is at the heart of the mobile app design process, offering a flexible and robust foundation for creating a visually appealing and brand-consistent user interface. With a rich selection of color schemes, layout options, and responsive design elements, Acora CSS empowers you to design an app that stands out.

The Leaping Llamas Advantage: Empowering Your Mobile Strategy

By leveraging the mobile app features of Leaping Llamas, you gain the advantage of a platform that understands the importance of mobile user experience. Our tools are designed to help you build an app that not only functions seamlessly but also resonates with your audience.

We are committed to providing a platform that enables you to create mobile apps that are an extension of your digital presence, designed to engage and delight your users wherever they are.