Leaping Llamas by DDSN is a platform that augments Kentico Xperience and Xperience by Kentico

DDSN's Leaping Llama: A Rich Kentico Starting Point

Fully supported for Kentico Xperience or Xperience by Kentico by your next digital partner - DDSN Interactive 

Kentico is renowned for its robust content management and digital marketing capabilities. Leaping Llama, developed by DDSN, is designed to augment this powerful platform, providing additional tools and features to further enhance your Kentico digital projects. Our focus is on improving front end functionality and enhancing user experience, ensuring that your journey with Kentico is both effective and enjoyable.

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DDSN was recipient of Kentico site of the month in August 2023

Why Choose Leaping Llamas for Kentico?

Enhancing Kentico with Leaping Llamas: A Synergistic Approach

Choosing the right tools and platforms is critical for any digital project. With Leaping Llamas, our aim is to complement and enhance the capabilities of Kentico, providing a seamless experience that takes full advantage of both systems' strengths.

Empowering Your Content Strategy

With the Compilation Widget and Rich Email Widgets, Leaping Llamas extends your ability to manage and present content in ways that truly reflect your brand's voice and vision. These tools are designed to complement your content strategy, offering the flexibility and control needed to create compelling digital experiences.

Seamless Integration

Leaping Llamas is not just a set of add-ons; it's a thoughtfully designed extension that integrates smoothly with Kentico. This integration ensures that you can leverage the robust features of Kentico while enjoying the additional functionalities and user experience enhancements brought by Leaping Llamas.

Addressing the Full Spectrum of Digital Needs

From content management and website creation to mobile app development and email marketing, Leaping Llamas broadens the scope of what you can achieve with Kentico. This comprehensive approach means you have a unified platform that addresses all aspects of your digital strategy.

Continuous Evolution and Support

In the ever-changing landscape of digital technology, staying ahead is key. Leaping Llamas is continuously evolving, with regular updates and new features to ensure that your digital platforms remain cutting-edge. Coupled with DDSN's commitment to support and training, you can be confident that your investment in Leaping Llamas will keep yielding value.

What is Kentico?

Kentico's software solutions are platforms used worldwide to manage content and create outstanding digital experiences. 

Kentico software is renowned for being a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that offers an extensive range of features. Kentico is also frequently represented as a Leader in the  G2 Grid ® Report for Digital Experience Platforms (DXP). This is primarily because while Kentico software is feature rich it is also easy to use and helps marketers with a broad range of content management, user tracking, and personalized experiences.

Kentico content management system CMS has a strong backend with a powerful database and many functions for creating content, users and reports. Additionally, it allows web developers and mobile developers to freely select the front-end design.

DDSN is a Long Term Kentico Partner

DDSN is a Kentico Partner since 2017 and a recent winner of Kentico site of the month.

DDSN kentico site of the month for August 2023

Kentico Software Versions

Kentico Software has two currently supported versions Kentico Xperience (KX - sometimes known as Kentico version 13) and Xperience by Kentico (XbyK). Both of these versions provide a versatile platform for content management. Recently Kentico 12

Current Kentico versions now support  ASP.NET Core front ends for websites. Kentico no longer supports Portal Engine. Many website developers have found it challenging to switch from PE to MVC because the change makes their front end code library is obsolete and their developers need to significantly upskill.

New Kentico site builds and upgrades from Kentico Version 12 have become a challenge for many organizations. This is largely due to the expense of what is essentially a project for Kentico development agencies to completely replace their code libraries which has to be included in the cost of new projects.

What is Leaping Llamas?

Understanding Leaping Llamas: An Extension for Kentico

Leaping Llamas is a platform developed by DDSN Interactive to enhance the capabilities of Kentico's DXP.

Whether you are creating websites, staff or customer portals, mobile apps, or engaging in digital marketing Leaping Llamas is designed to augment Kentico and make the process of managing digital content more intuitive and efficient by providing you with all the front end authoring tools that you may need.

Leaping Llamas by DDSN a fully supported extension platform for Kentico

A Suite of Advanced Features

The Leaping Llamas platform includes a variety of features designed to streamline digital workflows and improve user experiences. These include automated navigation creation tools, extended SEO metadata management, and additional form fields and even multi-step forms.

DDSN want to offer content creation tools that work well with Kentico and make your projects easier and more effective.

Tailored to Meet Diverse Needs

Recognizing that every digital project is unique, Leaping Llamas offers flexible and adaptable tools. Our platform is designed to meet your needs, whether it's capturing detailed data or configuring complex site settings.

Mobile Optimization

The platform provides better tools and options for creating mobile-optimized websites, which is crucial given the increasing use of mobile devices for internet access.

Core Features & Capabilities

There is too much to describe on a single page - so we have broken it down...

Why Migrate to a Current Kentico Version?

Migrating from Kentico version 12 or earlier to Kentico Xperience can bring several significant benefits to organizations looking to enhance their digital experience.

Here are some of the main reasons for considering this migration:

Updated Technology Stack

Kentico Xperience  and Xperience by Kentico are built on a more modern technology stack, offering improved performance, security, and compatibility with the latest web standards and technologies.

Enhanced User Experience

The platform provides a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easier for content creators and marketers to manage and publish content.

Improved Marketing Tools

Kentico Xperience comes with advanced marketing features, including personalized content, marketing automation, A/B testing, email marketing, and integrated campaign management, allowing for more sophisticated and effective marketing strategies.

Headless CMS Capabilities

Kentico Xperience offers headless CMS functionality, enabling organizations to deliver content to any channel or device, increasing flexibility and ensuring a consistent omnichannel experience.

Enhanced E-commerce Features

The platform includes improved e-commerce capabilities, such as better product management, multiple payment gateways, and enhanced customer experience features, which are essential for modern online retail.

Better Integration Options

With enhanced APIs and integration options, Kentico Xperience allows for smoother integration with third-party tools and services, facilitating better data flow and operational efficiency.

Regular Updates and Support

Moving to Kentico Xperience ensures continued support and regular updates from Kentico, including security patches and new features, which may not be available for older versions after a certain period.

Community and Technical Support

By migrating to a newer version, organizations gain access to active community support and better technical assistance, helping to resolve issues more quickly and efficiently.

Front-end CSS Framework - Acora CSS

Acora CSS Framework colour palette as implemented on a recent project

(pictured - Acora CSS Framework colour palette as implemented on a recent project)

Introducing Acora CSS: Crafting Visual Harmony

Navigating the subtleties of front-end design requires a robust framework that offers both flexibility and precision. Acora CSS, with its two decades of evolution, is our response to this need—a CSS framework designed to speak the language of human-centric design while providing a comprehensive toolkit for developers and designers.

Tailored Aesthetics with Practical Functionality

Acora CSS is more than a collection of styles; it's a system that integrates the principles of design with the functional needs of modern websites and apps. The framework is meticulously crafted to allow for a wide range of visual expressions, from rich color palettes and gradient options to layout structures capable of up to six columns.

Responsive Design for a Dynamic Web

In the era of mobile-first experiences, Acora CSS ensures that your design is not just responsive, but fluidly adaptive to various screen sizes and devices. This responsiveness is a testament to the framework's core philosophy—design that responds to user behavior and environment, providing an optimal experience no matter how or where your content is viewed.

Color and Layout: The Essence of Brand Identity

The framework offers a diverse spectrum of GUI colors, grey color gradients, additional color gradients, and spot colors, providing an extensive palette to match your brand identity. These options give you the creative freedom to design elements like columns, boxes, and buttons in a way that resonates with your brand's aesthetic, ensuring consistency across your digital assets.

Interactivity and Personalization at the Heart

Our focus on rich selection interfaces ensures that each email campaign you deploy can be personalized and interactive, fostering a closer connection between your brand and your audience. This approach to email design not only enhances the visual appeal but also boosts engagement and conversion rates.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Real-World Applications: The Impact of Leaping Llamas

Understanding the capabilities of a platform is one thing, but seeing it in action provides a whole new level of insight. In this section, we share a collection of case studies and success stories that demonstrate the practical applications and benefits of using Leaping Llamas.




Overall, migrating to Kentico Xperience represents an investment in a more modern, robust, and versatile digital experience platform that can support the evolving needs of businesses in the digital landscape.

Despite the potential cost it is still well worth migrating from an older Kentico version to Kentico Xperience or, depending on your needs migrating Xperience by Kentico. is renowned for its robust content management and digital marketing capabilities. Leaping Llamas, developed by DDSN, is designed to augment this powerful platform, providing additional tools and features to further enhance your digital projects. Our focus is on improving functionality and user experience, ensuring that your journey with Kentico is both effective and enjoyable.

Kentico Xperience is renowned for its robust content management and digital marketing capabilities. Leaping Llamas, developed by DDSN, is designed to augment this powerful platform, providing additional tools and features to further enhance your digital projects. Our focus is on improving functionality and user experience, ensuring that your journey with Kentico is both effective and enjoyable.

Leaping Llamas is not just an addition to Kentico; it's a complementary extension that aims to enrich your digital experience. This partnership brings together the solid foundation of Kentico with the innovative enhancements of Leaping Llamas, offering a more complete solution for your digital needs.

DDSN - Investing in your Future Success

DDSN has taken on the investment in this library for its clients and future development partners - we have called this Leaping Llamas.