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Enterprise web and mobile content management system developed by DDSN. Integrated e-commerce, email campaigns, marketing automation, social media, advanced forms and workflow.

Advanced Content Management Platform

The cm3 Acora CMS platform is designed and supported by a small, passionate, clever and creative team of developers in Australia who care deeply about making outstanding websites and helping others do it too. It's DDSN's flagship website and mobile app content management platform. 

Offering a rich set of features that's unmatched by other software platforms in the price range, cm3 Acora CMS is well suited to both small and large projects that required powerful, out-of-the-box simplicity coupled with flexible, easy customisation and integration options.


Key Features

  • Advanced distributed content management
  • Powerful form handling
  • Multi-site
  • Marketing automation
  • Mobile responsive
  • Accessible
  • File and asset management
  • Powerful user accounts & CRM features
  • Email direct marketing
  • Advanced integrated analytics
  • Advanced search
  • E-commerce
  • Events calendars and online bookings

Business & Technology Benefits

  • Incredible feature to cost ratio
  • Strong standards compliance (suitable for government projects)
  • Complete design control
  • Agile continuous integration methodology
  • Personalised, local support in Australia
  • Advanced customisation capability
  • Rock solid, government ready secure hosting available
  • High performance
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Highly cost effective custom development available
  • Open standards / shared code
  • Built by a highly UX-aware design team
  • Flexible integration & APIs

Easy and Powerful

Point and click, drag and drop, easy to use content generation tools combine seamlessly with permissions-based distributed publishing and workflow capabilities to make the cm3 Acora CMS platform:

  • Easy enough for small scale operations
  • Powerful enough for advanced needs and larger publishing teams

Big and Small Clients

National brands including Cancer Council (Quit, Sunsmart and others), Telstra, Chess Moving, and state based government agencies including Mitchell Shire Council, Goulburn-Murray Water, and Goulburn Broken CMA trust cm3 Acora CMS behind their web and mobile apps.

But you don’t have to be big to get the most out of cm3 Acora CMS. Lots of small businesses, associations, and non profit agencies also use the cm3 Acora CMS platform to run fantastic web and mobile presences. is Managed by cm3 Acora CMS

We trust the platform ourselves, of course.

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